Payment Methods & Policy

JavaBaliTrips Ltd Co under the legal formal CV Jawa Bali Trips TDUPAR 0010 / DP / 148 / X1 / 2015 – TDP 4617/DP /099/XI/2015. Trade License: 0098 / TDUPAR / X / 2015, applies an easy secure policy and method in a payment transaction for your holiday trips in Java and Bali island, Indonesia. We serve you simply, safe and easy for any transactions for your trips to Java and Bali. We provide cash payment method, credit card payment at office or bank transfer.

  • 1. All transactions with JavaBaliTrips Ltd Co is secured under the government laws and regulations. We guarantee your detail information and account are safe and will never published for any purposes.
  • 2. Once we make a deal tour order, JavaBaliTrips will issue an confirmation letter to you containing tour itineraries, price and inclusions-exclusions with the company’s format letter for your holiday trips Java and Bali destinations.
  • 3. JavaBaliTrips will send you a detail confirmation letter with all data as necessary (Driver, Tour Guide & Mobile number, Car type etc) to sign as an approval. The letter without signature, means you are agree with all information.
  • 4. A payment should be made by an agreement (with a signature) before your arrival date which are down payment or full payment by bank transfer, Paypal or Western Union. These methods to be written clearly in the confirmation letter.
  • 5. You must bring a printed confirmation letter upon arrival to claim the purchased products and services.
  • 6. Flight ticket’s purchase should be paid 100% 4 days before printing out the flight’s ticket. The payment can’t be refunded for any reasons.
  • 7. A final payment or an additional charge (if there is) should be made at our office or your hotel stay  by cash or credit card swift on the first day arrival. Our driver may become our representative to accept the cash payment with a receive.
  • 8. Prices are subject to change based on the Gasoline’s Fluctuation / Government’s Policies without notification .
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